Star Neighbourhood


Star Neighbourhood is a successful real estate brokerage company that is located in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The company focuses on buying and selling real estate in and around Dubai, and Star Neighbourhood has also completed several real estate development projects.

As a property developer, Star Neighbourhood always takes on projects with the long-term objective of achieving the healthiest profit. Using its in-depth knowledge of the property market in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, Star Neighbourhood is able to source the best opportunities on the market, and the company has built a reputation for success.


Major Developments
When undertaking a development project, Star Neighbourhood’s objective is to create high quality assets that will achieve the greatest market value. Since its inception, Star Neighbourhood has successfully completed five major development projects.
Star Neighbourhood has built a successful reputation thanks to its commitment to achieving each development project’s full potential and profit.


The first project Star Neighbourhood completed was a group of ‘Sustainable Villas’, after which the company undertook the development of a Commercial Mall project called ‘Jumeirah One’. The third development project is ‘Jumeirah Two’ and another two projects are in Turkey – known as the ‘Kent Land Project’.

Specialist Knowledge

As a real estate brokerage company, Star Neighbourhood offers its specialist knowledge and industry expertise to buy and sell property mainly in the United Arab Emirates.

With many years of experience working across the real estate industry, Star Neighbourhood has the expertise to facilitate the smooth purchase and/or sale of real estate assets.